A Quick Read for Achieving Contrast With Your Chords Songwriters : When you’re writing a song, it’s important to have your verse sound different from your chorus. It’s a great way to make your chorus stand out. Contrasting your sections is how you keep each section sounding interesting. A lot of times contrast is achieved in the melody, but it’s […]

Are Violin Lessons For You?

Are Violin Lessons For You? Are Violin Lessons For You? : In answer to your question, the violin is one instrument that you can hire to play. It is not difficult to play this instrument. But, if you want to play the violin for big competitions, even with a band, without anyone to guide you, hiring a violin teacher can […]

Choosing Your Electric Guitar

Choosing Your Electric Guitar Choosing Your Electric Guitar : These days’ starting to learn playing guitar is easier than ever. There are many sources offering lessons, and information on guitars. Before you head to a guitar shop, you’ll need to answer a few questions, like where do I start? How much should I spend? I need to know what my […]

Theory Behind Piano Chords

Theory Behind Piano Chords Theory Behind Piano Chords : Piano chords come from piano scales. They are made by combining 3 or more musical notes together. The most typical chord that we should learn to play are 3 note chords. These are simple to learn and only requires a few finger exercises. Beginners that are learning how to play piano […]

Music Downloading

When it Comes to Music Downloading With the popularity of iPod and other MP3 player made compact disk players are making a huge comeback. So you have got to wondering, why so many people would be interested in downloading files onto your MP3 player, when you have a perfectly good CD player and DVD player which do exactly the same […]

How to Get a Record Deal

How to Get a Record Deal How to get a record deal? It’s the big question asked by many bands and artists that show promise and have a half decent chance of making it. As you may well know, it is not all about talent: assuming you have some minimum level of it then the rest is down to marketing […]

Evening Ragas From Benares

Evening Ragas From Benares Benares is the common name of the city now known as Varanasi. It’s the holiest city to the Hindus, and also is holy to Buddhists (the Buddha preached his first sermon there) and to the Jains, a relatively new group, who consider themselves protectors of animals. It’s set in the Golden strap of Bengal, which technically […]

Drum Building 101

How to Wrap a Drum Shell – Part 1 Drum Building 101 : Using a wrap to finish your drum is a great way to get an outstanding finish in very little time.  You’ll be able to focus on your drum sound and finish with a superb level of quality. It’s well worth the time it takes to wrap your […]

Bon Jovi Concert Tickets

Bon Jovi Concert Tickets Bon Jovi is a Rock band that originated at the beginning of the 1980’s which is Des Moines, Iowa and then began to get towards spreading throughout the United States and then to the entire world. The band originated from the band members of Richie Sambora’s group which was called Raze. The other members that were […]

Violin For Beginners

Violin For Beginners If you want to learn violin for beginners, then there are several tips that will help you reach your goal in no time. First, if you don’t know how to practice properly, you will fail to become a successful violinist. A bad practice session will result in a terrible performance and would force you to take several […]